A curated international photography exhibition at the PH21 Photography Gallery

March 10 – April 2, 2022                                              

Portraiture emerged as one of the most prominent genres of depictive media early in the history of the visual arts, and the tacit or explicit rules, conventions and cultural expectations have always influenced the ways by which artists approached the genre. Photography is no exception; numerous different and characteristic styles of portraiture emerged throughout the history of the medium. Today we live in an exciting new era for portraiture. There has never been a time in human history when so many portraits and self-portraits were produced day after day as in the era of digital technologies. Photographers have responded to the cultural, social and technological changes by reinterpreting the age-old genre of portraiture, and it is always an exciting and rewarding task to organize an exhibition for some of the recent achievements in the field.​

(c) pauldelpani / CdV – Contemporary

Exhibiting photographers

Andrea Abonyi (Pasadena, CA, USA), Mildred Alpern (New York, NY, USA), Andreea Andrei (Chertsey, UK), Norman Aragones (San Jose, CA, USA), Jeremy Bach (Canandaigua, NY, USA), Emmanuelle Becker (Paris, France), Stu Bloom (Fairfield, CT, USA), Marco Bordignon (Accra, Ghana), Lynne Breitfeller (Emerson, NJ, USA), Nancy Stalnaker Bundy (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Catherine Caddigan (Randolph, MA, USA), Matteo Capone (Rome, Italy), Jenny Chernansky (New Orleans, LA, USA), CSI Csapó Ida (Budapest, Hungary), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Paul Delpani (Vienna, Austria), Frédéric Deschênes (Montréal, Québec, Canada), Peter Devenyi (Ottawa, Canada), DK (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Sylvie Domergue (Antananarivo, Madagascar), Michael Epps (New York, NY, USA), Miren Etcheverry (Cambridge, MA, USA), Christopher Fluder (New York, NY, USA), Sari Fried-Fiori (Katy, TX, USA), Anita M. Garza (Kokomo, IN, USA), Paul Gravett (New Westminster, BC, Canada), Leena Holmström (Oulu, Finland), Ashley Howard (Newton, MA, USA), Erin Jennings (Memphis, TN, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), Phanuphan Kitsawaeng (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Angelika Kollin (Riverview, FL, USA), John Kosmer (Fly Creek, NY, USA), Ladka Kurzrock (Sydney, Australia), Stefanie Lebowski (Paris, France), Shifra Levyathan (Ramat-Gan, Israel), Roddy MacInnes (Denver, CO, USA), Joanna Madloch (Montclair, NJ, USA), Tomislav Marcijuš (Osijek, Croatia), Benny Migliorino (Migs) (Patchogue, NY, USA), Janet Milhomme (Los Angeles, CA, USA), CA, USA), Sabine Nagel (frau_odysseus) (Potsdam, Germany), Laila Nahar (Folsom, CA, USA), Stefan Neagu (Onesti, Romania), Clare Newton (London, UK), Lorraine Ning (Chicago, IL, USA), Susan Reyman (Chicago, IL, USA), Inna Rogatchi (Turku, Finland), Marian Rubin (Montclair, NJ, USA), Miranda Schmitz (Lier, Belgium), Krisztina Szalmás (Budapest, Hungary), Tamás Varga (Budapest, Hungary), Silvia Vaulà (Torino, Italy), Eddy Verloes (Boutersem, Belgium), Juan Pablo Vivanco (Ciudad de México, México), Chun Wang (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Jared Witherspoon (St. Louis, MO, USA), Georg Worecki (Daleiden, Germany), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany), Root Yarden (Upper Galilee, Israel)