A Smith Gallery’s “forgotten” exhibition


Exhibition dates | March 18 to April 28, 2022

Receptions | April 2, 2022 3pm CST FB Live

659 submitted images, 55 were selected. Paul Delpani was accepted to be part of this exhibition.

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(c) pauldelpani – “Dampfhofer”

Online Exhibition – A Smith Gallery – Photographic arts – 2022

Personality: Contemporary Portraiture

A curated international photography exhibition at the PH21 Photography Gallery

March 10 – April 2, 2022                                              

Portraiture emerged as one of the most prominent genres of depictive media early in the history of the visual arts, and the tacit or explicit rules, conventions and cultural expectations have always influenced the ways by which artists approached the genre. Photography is no exception; numerous different and characteristic styles of portraiture emerged throughout the history of the medium. Today we live in an exciting new era for portraiture. There has never been a time in human history when so many portraits and self-portraits were produced day after day as in the era of digital technologies. Photographers have responded to the cultural, social and technological changes by reinterpreting the age-old genre of portraiture, and it is always an exciting and rewarding task to organize an exhibition for some of the recent achievements in the field.​

(c) pauldelpani / CdV – Contemporary

Exhibiting photographers

Andrea Abonyi (Pasadena, CA, USA), Mildred Alpern (New York, NY, USA), Andreea Andrei (Chertsey, UK), Norman Aragones (San Jose, CA, USA), Jeremy Bach (Canandaigua, NY, USA), Emmanuelle Becker (Paris, France), Stu Bloom (Fairfield, CT, USA), Marco Bordignon (Accra, Ghana), Lynne Breitfeller (Emerson, NJ, USA), Nancy Stalnaker Bundy (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Catherine Caddigan (Randolph, MA, USA), Matteo Capone (Rome, Italy), Jenny Chernansky (New Orleans, LA, USA), CSI Csapó Ida (Budapest, Hungary), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Paul Delpani (Vienna, Austria), Frédéric Deschênes (Montréal, Québec, Canada), Peter Devenyi (Ottawa, Canada), DK (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Sylvie Domergue (Antananarivo, Madagascar), Michael Epps (New York, NY, USA), Miren Etcheverry (Cambridge, MA, USA), Christopher Fluder (New York, NY, USA), Sari Fried-Fiori (Katy, TX, USA), Anita M. Garza (Kokomo, IN, USA), Paul Gravett (New Westminster, BC, Canada), Leena Holmström (Oulu, Finland), Ashley Howard (Newton, MA, USA), Erin Jennings (Memphis, TN, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), Phanuphan Kitsawaeng (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Angelika Kollin (Riverview, FL, USA), John Kosmer (Fly Creek, NY, USA), Ladka Kurzrock (Sydney, Australia), Stefanie Lebowski (Paris, France), Shifra Levyathan (Ramat-Gan, Israel), Roddy MacInnes (Denver, CO, USA), Joanna Madloch (Montclair, NJ, USA), Tomislav Marcijuš (Osijek, Croatia), Benny Migliorino (Migs) (Patchogue, NY, USA), Janet Milhomme (Los Angeles, CA, USA), CA, USA), Sabine Nagel (frau_odysseus) (Potsdam, Germany), Laila Nahar (Folsom, CA, USA), Stefan Neagu (Onesti, Romania), Clare Newton (London, UK), Lorraine Ning (Chicago, IL, USA), Susan Reyman (Chicago, IL, USA), Inna Rogatchi (Turku, Finland), Marian Rubin (Montclair, NJ, USA), Miranda Schmitz (Lier, Belgium), Krisztina Szalmás (Budapest, Hungary), Tamás Varga (Budapest, Hungary), Silvia Vaulà (Torino, Italy), Eddy Verloes (Boutersem, Belgium), Juan Pablo Vivanco (Ciudad de México, México), Chun Wang (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Jared Witherspoon (St. Louis, MO, USA), Georg Worecki (Daleiden, Germany), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany), Root Yarden (Upper Galilee, Israel)




8th to 10th of APRIL 2022

at Palais des Expositions / Nice Acropolis


The major cultural event of the spring to discover a collection of masterpieces 

The unmissable Art exhibition of the French Riviera, Nice Art Expo exhibits on more than 4000 m2, international artists and famous galleries, selected by a committee of experts. 
Contemporary Art at its best, a real delight for the viewers. 

Opening evening on Friday April 8th at 7 pm.Some artist art work are being exhibited downtown on outside spaces.  

All artists

Paul DELPANI & Sabine LA NUN

Plastician artists


Stand number for Paul Delpani & Sabina La NUN in Nice Art Expo 2022 : stand N°F7



The aim of this exhibition is to create a dialogue between the artists and the viewers and to inspire artists to believe in themselves and their creation!

This Exhibition will take Place at Boomer Gallery at the Tower Bridge London on the 11th of March from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

150 Tooley Street, SE1 2TU

Besides other various artists, also Paul DELPANI is part of the exhibition with two of his special works.

Find the Gallery’s catalogue HERE




By Contemporary Art Curator

Exhibition period: February 23 – July 23, 2022

The ‘Butterfly Effect’ idea shines a light on how a simple action, such as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the planet, can spark a cascade of events around the globe. The ‘Butterfly Effect’ concept originated from Edward Lorenz’s Chaos Theory, which explored the idea that no matter who you are, you can significantly impact the world. Art impacts society by altering people’s opinions, instilling ideals, and transferring experiences across places and time. Art can affect social change; it can provide people with a voice. Art has the power to arouse emotions in those who see it, leading them to rally for change.


Artist Statement

Statement Always try to push the borders [of creativity] Photography always has been part of my life. In the beginning chaotic, just pushing the button. Nowadays I am working concepitonelly and in series being trained by my economic education in analytical and structured processes which has been transferred to my artistic approach. Most of my series are ongoing projects, partly over a long time. Art arises of doing, may it be trial and error in the beginning. Yet once the result found this way is pursued and refined. Art shall inspire and raise questions.The presented art works are of 2 series: good old times vanishing and Moda. Measurement is in cm, all art works are Ed 5 + AP.

Instagram Paul Delpani

Country Austria

Flat label; Photography; 45 x 60


Promised Land

Group On-Line Exhibition:​ “PROMISED LAND” 

emerging and mid-career artists ​22 February – 21 March 2022

​opening 23 February at 11 pm​​


Jose Ignacio Hernandez

Svetlin Trendafilov 

Maja Puđa

Fahmida Enam Kakoli

Ling Li Wang

Lakshmi Deepika

Vanessa Cardui

João Góis

Paul Delpani

Beach Experience – Series Good Old Time


Paul Delpani is an artist from Vienna, Austria. Born in 1966

Austria is a place of tradition and art, which is surrounding you everywhere. It is this special environment which gave rise to Paul Delpanis career. Always keen on understanding and questioning circumstances, ambience and interconnectedness, he focuses on photography and digital media to depict all this.In a combination of analytic and procedual methods and with the eagerness to find a stylistic experimation, Paul Delpani researches the potential of photography, starting from alternative processes, namely cyanotypes to digital painting. Trained on processes he uses photography conceptionally, mainly thinking in series giving a meaning.He exhibits since 2000, concentrating on international exhibitions since 2016 and took part in various Group and Solo exhibitions internationally and nationally, such as Texas, New York, London, Scotland, Bangkok, Budapest, Venice, Nice (France) but also Vienna.Participation in photo festivals in Spain and Vienna, Honorable mentions and prizes in competitions.His artwork is also represented in collections in Europe.

Paul Delpani Shop


The art of photography – PH21 @Barcelona

Neue Gruppen-Ausstellung von 22. August bis 29. August 2021 im PH21 in Barcelona: ‘The art of photography’

Eröffnung am 22-8-2021 um 20.00 Uhr. Es gibt dazu auch einen Facebook Opening Event – Join

Although photography first emerged as a technological invention, it was also quickly conceived as an artistic practice as well. Pictorialist photographs in the nineteenth century were created to look like paintings, while advocates of straight photography in the first part of the twentieth century strived for the purely photographic means of creating photographic meaning. Street photographers devoted the medium to capturing the fleeting moment, while in the last part of the twentieth century many photographers turned to staging and directing in order to utilize photography for artistic visual communication. Art photography also includes numerous genres and creative practices from portraiture, landscape and still life to abstract and conceptual photography. In this call we asked contemporary photographers to show how they understand photography as a fine art practice in the twenty first century.

​This PH21 Gallery exhibition is presented in Barcelona, Catalonia Spain, in collaboration with Valid World Hall Gallery, a renowned centre for the visual arts.

Curator’s choice

Ioana VrabieGolden Traces

Honourable mentions

Emmanuelle BeckerPostcards from my Memory No. 33

Angela Lucari: She is a dancer No. 1

Ron MayhewMagnolia Bloom

Exhibiting photographers

Jerry Allison (Estes Park, CO, USA), Andreea Andrei (Chertsey, UK), Val Asuga (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), Karin Bauer (Bisamberg, Austria), Emmanuelle Becker (Paris, France), Stu Bloom (Fairfield, CT, USA), Marco Bordignon (Accra, Ghana), Lindsay Brice (New York, NY, USA), Buchen/Goodwin (Santa Fe, NM, USA), Preston Buchtel (Cleveland, OH, USA), Chris Byrnes (Newcastle, Australia), Catherine Caddigan (Randolph, MA, USA), Tommaso Carrara (London, UK), Ionut Cirja (Iasi, Romania), David A. Cohen (Evanston, IL, USA), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Paul Delpani (Vienna, Austria), Peter Devenyi (Ottawa, Canada), Mark A. Dierker (Dubuque, IA, USA), Laurie Toby Edison (San Francisco, CA, USA), Olivia Fernandez (Berlin, Germany), Christopher Ferreria (San Diego, CA, USA), László Gálos (Ammerzoden, Netherlands), Nadia Gativa (Zaragoza, Spain), Michael Goldrei (Vienna, Austria), Paul Gravett (New Westminster, BC, Canada), Maureen J Haldeman (Los Angeles, CA, Hungary), Dave Hanson (Price, UT, USA), Juta Jazz (Nicosia, Cyprus), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), Emilia Kashfian (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Inbal Kristin (Ashkelon, Israel), Erik Lamarca (New York, NY, USA), LART – Tóth Ágnes Réka (Budapest, Hungary), Lodiza LePore (Bennington, VT, USA), Aqua Lin (Taipei, Taiwan), Angela Lucari (Rome, Italy), Michelle Luke (Kalispell, MT, USA), Simone Madeo (Alessandria, Italy), marcellus (Roosendaal, Netherlands), Ron Mayhew (Bradenton, FL, USA), Debbie McCulliss (Greenwood Village, CO, USA), Johnny Mei (Chicago, IL, USA), Malgorzata Mikolajczyk (Warsaw, Poland), Raheleh Mohammad (Cleveland, OH, USA), Marco Musillo (Rimini, Italy), Nathan O’Brien (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Juergen Pawlik (Woerthsee, Germany), Léna Piani (Ajaccio, France), Katalin Pusztaszeri (Budapest, Hungary), Michael Reese (Atlanta, GA, USA), Inna Rogatchi (Turku, Finland), Jane Ross (London, UK), Joseph Rovegno (New York, NY, USA), Rpnunyez (Murcia, Spain), Sara Victoria Sandberg (Stockholm, Sweden), Lynn Saville (New York, NY, USA), Julius Schlosburg (Tucson, AZ, USA), Sára Sebestyén (Budapest, Hungary), Tina Sejbjerg (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Gal Shahar (Tel – Aviv, Israel), Carl Shubs (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Fabio Sozza (Brescia, Italy), Zsolt Székelyhidi (Budapest, Hungary), Tomo Tany (Tokyo, Japan), ZUNESUKA (New York, NY, USA), Ilya Trofimenko (Dresden, Germany), Rebecca Uliczka (San Luis Potosí, Mexico), Eszter Varga (Kecel, Hungary), Aristo Vopĕnka (Brussels, Belgium), Ioana Vrabie (Barcelona, Spain), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany), Jagoda Zwiernik (Żagań, Poland)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

[Title: edge] – (c) Paul Delpani

[Diva] Diva – so what, 2021 – (c) Paul Delpani